Referral Program

You can sponsor your friends on Let’s shop Airbus !

Here are the terms of use:

1. Sponsoring is effective once the sponsored friend creates his/her account for the first time & makes a first order for a minimum amount of 20 € on Let's shop Airbus by clicking the link on the invitation mail. 

2. The godfather/ sponsor will then benefit a 10% personal voucher code available on all the Website (Shipping costs excluded). This voucher is available 1 year starting from the day of the payment confirmation from the sponsored friend. 

3. 5 maximum friends can be sponsored. The sponsor can benefit up to 5 discounts of 10%, or 50% maximum discount for an order. 

4. Let's shop Airbus keeps the right to close the account of the sponsor or the sponsored customer and demand a full payment if a fraud is detected. 

You can see all your vouchers in "My account" section "My vouchers". 

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Referral Program