The personal data you provide to SYNNEO as website operator or the internet navigation data which are collected automatically when you visit the website are treated confidentially. All data will be processed and used in accordance with the principles set forth in the European Data Protection Directive 95/45/EC on personal data protection, with the French data protection provisions and, if applicable, with additionally applicable national provisions.


SYNNEO web servers automatically log information concerning the electronic access systems you use, such as the name of your internet service provider, the website from which you access us, the internet pages you request on our website, the date and length of the visit and your IP address. This data is logged for data protection and security reasons only. The saved data is used exclusively for purposes of identification and tracking of illegal access attempts and illegal accesses to the web servers. Logs are analyzed exclusively by specifically authorized persons. The logged data is stored temporally and subsequently deleted. No user profiles are created.

IP address

Identification of IP addresses is necessary for our web management activities including without limitation the diagnosis and prevention of technical problems, unauthorized accesses and/or any misuse of services offered on the website. Usually, you cannot be identified by an IP address.


Furthermore, when navigating our website, information is gathered that allow identification of your computer or browser through certain files called "cookies". These cookies are encrypted character strings that are stored on your computer and permit quick identification. With these files, a website can be personalized, the user can surf the web more easily, and by checking how many times various web pages are requested, the information most requested can be presented more effectively. Generally, the cookies we use make use of anonymous information and therefore do not support use of your personal data. However, cookies may be used for storing your login data allowing for automatic recognition (making it unnecessary to enter the user name and password). You can always disable cookies by changing your browser settings. However, this may slow down or prevent access to certain parts of the website.

Except for the aforementioned internet navigation data, no further data is collected other than data you provide us voluntarily, for instance, by registering on the website, by logging in as a registered user, participating in a survey or placing an order, etc. We specifically do not create user profiles.


1. Purposes of data processing

The personal data you provide to SYNNEO will be used as follows:

• for your registration and login as a registered user of the "" website and for administering your access data,

• to allow you to use services, retrieve content and participate in activities reserved for registered users,

• to administer and carry out your orders/purchases (including the handling of payment by credit card),

• to allow you to use customer service and/or warranty services if needed,

• to respond to any of your requests, and

• to establish communication with you required for technical /organizational purposes.

Your personal data may also be used for additional purposes as listed below subject to the following: If under national legal provisions applicable to you, data processing for the purposes listed below requires that you explicitly agree to the processing or use of part or all of the data, it is understood that we will use your data only after you gave your consent (see also paragraph 8 Declaration of consent).

These purposes are as follows:

• organizing and holding events including those of a promotional nature,

• statistical surveys, market research and scientific studies,

• sending you news of an informative and promotional nature including advertisements, including without limitation the "airbus-shop" email newsletter, advertising material and/or offers for products or services by mail, via the internet, by phone, email, MMS or SMS text messaging from France or other countries (also from non-EU countries) by SYNNEO and their parent companies and/or subsidiaries or natural persons or legal entities conducting marketing and business activities for AIRBUS/SYNNEO,

• for our own marketing purposes and those of others; to this end, we also share data with third parties to the extent this is permitted by law. Note regarding your right to object: It is understood that you always have the right to object to the processing (including transmission) and use of your data for marketing purposes or for marketing and opinion research. To do so, please contact the entity in charge of this matter which is listed in paragraph 7.

2. Type of data processing

Your personal data will be processed using certain suitable written and/or electronic means intended for this purpose to ensure the security and confidential handling of your data.

3. Data collection and consequences of refusal

Providing your personal data is voluntary. However, if you refuse and/or provide incorrect and/or incomplete information, you might not be able to register on the website, to retrieve content available there or to use the services offered. Furthermore, SYNNEO may not be able to process your orders or provide services if this requires processing your personal data. When placing an order, for instance, you have to enter specific data in the order form so that we can complete your order. Only boxes marked with an (*) are required entries. Likewise, when using the contact form to reach us you have to provide at least the personal data marked with an (*).

4. Access to your data; sharing your data

Within SYNNEO , your personal data may be shared with the applicable organizational bodies or corporate management, with company personnel including without limitation employees who make the online products available, employees in customer service and marketing, employees in charge of maintaining the electronic equipment, and, in all cases, the employees responsible for the respective subject matter and the employees involved in data processing. Your personal data may be also be disclosed to qualified service providers or suppliers of SYNNEO for the purposes mentioned above (see paragraph 1). These include individuals and companies who manage and/or participate in the management and/or maintenance of our website and our electronic equipment which we use for shipment/delivery. SYNNEO may further disclose your data to the following individuals or entities provided this is required for the aforementioned purposes (see paragraph): parent companies, subsidiaries and/or partnership companies; individuals belonging to the Airbus sales network in France or abroad; qualified service providers such as banks, insurance companies, suppliers and sub-contractors who perform work for SYNNEO such as processing your orders, providing customer service, conducting statistical surveys or market research, organizing and holding events including events for promotional purposes or sending business information; experts who assist the company including support regarding issues in the following areas: law, taxes, social security contributions, accounting, organization.

Moreover, your data may be disclosed to any other individual if this is required to comply with legal provisions.

Your personal data may also be transferred abroad including countries outside the EU as long as this is consistent with current data protection laws.

5. Data dissemination

With the exception of the instances listed in paragraph 4, your personal data will not be disseminated.

6. Rights of the affected person

With regard to data processing described above, you are entitled to demand any disclosure of information required by law, including without limitation the right to obtain information regarding the existence or non-existence of personal data about yourself in a generally understandable form. This also includes the right to receive information about your personal data saved, the origin of this data; the purpose and type of processing; in case of automated processing information about the methods used as well as the recipients or categories of recipients of your personal data.

You may further assert any statutory right to having data corrected, deleted and blocked, including without limitation the following rights: updating, correcting or - if you wish - amending the data; deleting, changing to an anonymous form or blocking data processed in an unlawful manner including data which do not have to be saved for the purposes for which the data was collected or processed; providing a confirmation stating that the measures taken with regard to your data (including any changes to the data content) were also disclosed to those with whom your data were shared already, except in the event that this is impossible and the effort required would obviously be disproportionately high considering your respective rights.

You are entitled to all statutory rights of objection. This includes without limitation the right to object to all or part of the processing and/or use of your personal data if your protectable interest prevails over the interest the entity responsible for data processing has in the processing of data, even if this processing or usage is limited to the purposes specified for data collection.

You may also object to the processing or use of your data for advertising or market or opinion research purposes.

For questions or any objections please contact the entity listed in paragraph 7.

7. Entity in charge of data processing

The entity in charge of data processing is

SYNNEO / 25 rue d’ariane, 31240 l’Union, France.

For questions regarding your personal data or any objections regarding data processing/use, please send an email to or send us a written message by mail.

8. Declarations of consent

The aforementioned privacy policy will be presented to you when you first register on the website and every time you provide us with personal data about yourself as an unregistered user (e.g. when you place an order as an unregistered user or when using our contact form). In these instances, you will be asked to agree to the privacy policy and to the processing of your personal data by SYNNEO in accordance with this privacy policy. By consenting to the processing of your personal data which includes the option explained in paragraph 4 that SYNNEO may share your data with the groups of persons named and/or transfer them abroad (if this does not conflict with mandatory statutory provisions) you will be permitted to perform the following activities:

• to register and log in as a registered user of the "" website and manage your access data,

• to use services, retrieve content and participate in activities restricted to registered visitors,

• to manage and carry out orders/purchases (including payment by credit card),

• to use any customer service and/or warranty services to the extent you are not entitled to these services even without consenting to data processing,

• to ask questions and receive answers, and

• to permit communication required for technical/organizational purposes.

To the extend required by applicable data protection provisions, we will ask you separately for your express consent so that we can additionally process your data for the following purposes: for organizing and holding events including those for promotional purposes for statistical surveys and for market research and scientific studies to send you news of an informative and promotional nature including advertisements, including without limitation the "airbus-shop" email newsletter, advertising material and/or offers for products or services by mail, via the internet, by phone, email, MMS or SMS text messaging from France or other countries (including non-EU countries) by SYNNEO and their parent companies and/or subsidiaries or natural persons or legal entities engaged in marketing and business activities for AIRBUS /SYNNEO